• I believe that each person has a special gift, talent and ability

  • I believe everyone has a unique purpose

  • I believe in strength of thoughts, feelings and emotions which create our realities

  • I believe in power of nature and our connection with it

  • And I believe we are part of something greater, part of divine love, part of universal intelligence

Thank you for visiting my website. 
My name is Helena Benesova and my mission is to help others to see and understand their true self and to live according to their soul’s desires. I love to observe the changes we can create to live better and happier lives.
I have created Soul Sight as a place where you can find your true self; make a step to live at one with your soul with ease and joy and discover living in consciousness. 
I have been on my spiritual path for over 20 years, exploring my inner gifts and abilities. My life was transformed through learning and through personal healing by many healing philosophies and techniques.

look to your inner being for guidance

Working with me means that you are devoted to making change happen.  So, if you truly desire to see change in your life, and you are ready to leave what has always been limiting, I am here to help you find what is holding you back and to facilitate you in the creation of a joyful and happier life.
About Me

​Trust your soul; the answers are there. It’s about guidance. I do not give answers that you need to discover for yourself. That is what the process is about, your own life discovery.

Soul Sight

What I Believe

Soul Sight

Being gifted with an understanding of the needs and desires of people’s souls, I have decided to fully follow my inner voice and fulfill the purpose of being the transformation guide for ​​those who want to  create better and more valuable lives by living in consciousness.