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Soul Sight

Soul Sight


"Coaching with Helena helped me to become more myself, love myself, be comfortable in my own body and around others, improve my relationships, trust the path that the universe has for me, and just simply be happy. 
With every session that I had with Helena I moved forward in my life. I learned that I create my life with my subconscious. I have been working with Helena for year (I had 4 sessions) and since then I have experienced many small and big miracles, I would call it. My life started to fall into place and I have been experiencing many “coincidences”. I was in the right place in my life and because of that I met a great soul, my boyfriend. It happened at the right time with the right person. Right away I had the feeling that our relationship was meant to be. The biggest magic is that we are having a baby. The universe brought us together and I am excited to see what other things will the universe deliver my way.

​​​- Julie M.

" Helena is an incredible healer. Rather than talking about problems and planning solutions, Helena gets right to the point, facilitating inner awareness and liberation. She is a master at guiding you into acceptance, letting go of the past, and realizing the power and freedom that you have in the present. This work is truly life


- John W.​​
"Thank you for the work that you do and the space you hold. Look forward to working with you again soon.

- Alice K. 

"Dear Helena I am writing to you from my deep gratitude as you changed my reality. During the process of our online sessions I felt trust with you. I felt you get me, you understand my thought matrix. I felt a lot of feelings and body pain that came up during sessions but when told you you found what triggers it. Thank you for shifting my pain into deep understanding and to live my life better and healthier.

​-Danachen S.

​​6 weeks Transformational Progra​mme

This 6 weeks programme is highly unique and will take you on a journey of self discovery. 

My aim is to use my ability to support you in your own situation; to guide you to overcome obstacles in order to succeed, and to move you towards your authentic self-expression. Also to lead you to an uplifting awareness of who you truly are and to help you listen to your inner voice, the voice of your soul. I take the responsibility for providing a safe supportive space in our sessions where you can choose what you want to work on and what you wish to change. Change means altering those aspects of your life that aren’t working for you any longer, or are contributing to your problems or ongoing issues.

My techniques are used to support you in living a more conscious and powerful life.

This 6 weeks involve 

  • six coaching sessions in length 120-150  minutes each which will focus on a specific theme
  • sessions are private 1:1 and are scheduled every two weeks, over a 3 months period

  • focus on solving the core of what is holding you back and change your repetitive patterns of thoughts or behaviour
  • understanding the power of hidden emotions and feelings and the impact it has on any aspect of your life (health, wealth, relationships, family, spiritual, professional life, etc..), and prevent you from being truly happy and just being yourself

  • personalized guidance on how nutrition/ diet supports your wellbeing​​ and expansion of your infinite potential

  • sessions delivered via Skype or FaceTime

You will get

  • profoundly greater self awareness - personal freedom, mental clarity and internal alignment
  • better relationships with others and the most with Yourself!
  • less stress and calmer emotions
  • release of frustration, anger, guilt, sadness, jealousy etc...
  • health improvement (usually experienced is faster or full recovery from illnesses and injuries, weight loss, allergies disappearance, etc...)
  • more joy and inner peace

Who this is for

  • You're highly motivated to create life you truly desire
  • You're 100% committed to live your most powerful life and you're coachable
  • ​You have the time and resources to invest in transforming your life

If this resonates with you and you are devoted to see change in your life,  you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and leave what has always been limiting and step into the life that only You can manifest, than I am here to facilitate your leap to the new level of your infinite potential!

Please apply via the button bellow and I'll respond back to you within 24hours. I only take committed clients in this Transformational Programme in order to achieve the greatest level of results possible.

I'll be honored to support you on your journey!​​