​Having personally experienced the choices and the possibilities of creation that is ours, and having observed the same in others, has given me the satisfaction of knowing that what I have always believed, that our being and our purpose has bigger meaning in this existence. I believe we were born to live joyful lives and that the only things that limit our happiness are negative feelings. Those feelings can be psychic or physical, and  it is possible to find the core of those feelings and emotions and to remove them from our realities. During the sessions I'm using my intuition, methods and philosophies that I'm finding the most effective of what I've personally experienced and been trained in during my life self-development journey. 

"I am so at peace after our meeting , everything is falling into place, I'm improving every day, my eyes have been opened, I see everything now so different. My relationship with my son is getting better every day, I also see my self in a very different light. I have lost  nearly 2 stones, this is all thanks to you. May God truly bless you.  - Dorothy P.

look to your inner being for guidance

Conscious Life Coaching

During the session we will focus on the discovering and understanding of hidden emotions and feelings that have an impact on your life, and prevent you from being truly happy and just being yourself. We will unfold the things that are holding you back and change your repetitive patterns of thoughts or behaviour. Change means altering those aspects of your life that aren’t working for you any longer, or are contributing to your problems or ongoing issues. This in turn allows greater productivity, sustainability and personal freedom. Your unhappiness can end as soon as you are willing to listen and choose what is best for you to live your most powerful life.

Coaching for Parents

=> "Naughty Child" Issue

Is your child difficult to control and making you lose your temper? Is your child often prone to illness? Children are the best mirrors to what is happening within us and in parent's relationship. Come and see how easy is to change the behaviour of your child/ children by making the change in you.

Coaching for Equestrians and their Horses 

Focused on deepening the relationship between horses and their riders/ owners at the level of partnership. These sessions will help you understand why the horse behaves the way it behaves, why it is ill or problematic. I translate a horse's "speech" so that it is understandable to humans. By allowing the awareness what a horse mirrors / wishes to say, miracles literally happen. 

All consultations and coaching are provided in Czech and English.

Soul Sight

Soul Sight


What if you are the gift & change this world requires?


I'm here to support You on your journey of self discovery. ​​

Transformational Programs

6 weeks/ 6 months/ 12 months

​These coaching programs are highly unique and will get you back on track in your own life. 

​Focus is on balancing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspect.

In order to work with me on this level You'll need to 

  • be motivated to create life you truly desire
  • be 100% committed to live your most powerful life and to be coachable
  • ​have the time and resources to invest in transforming your life

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